Publicado o último número da Revista Interações nº 40

Number 40 of the Interactions Magazine of Instituto Superior Miguel Torga has just been published, concerning the 1st semester of 2021, which includes five articles in English and two in Portuguese.

Consolidating the internationalization process of Interações, this issue presents three articles that, in different ways, address issues related to the pandemic at the international level, namely, the use of TikTok and minimizing the negative effects of isolation on young people, the experiences lived by elderly population in confinement and the role of science in vaccination programs.

The remaining articles cover various topics, ranging from the parallel between women's magazines and virtual communities, the relationship between surveillance capitalism and the politics of disinformation, the identities present in Brazilian digital discourses about the attack on the twin towers and the relationship between the construction of the Amoreiras shopping centre, post-modernism and economic and political aspects of recent Portuguese society.

The access link to this issue of Interactions is: