Useful Information


Choosing the right accommodation is an important step. If you’re looking for accommodation in Coimbra, particularly in the area of Celas, where the ISMT buildings are located, check the websites bellow:

In addition to these pages, you can also search information boards available at the ISMT Student Association, Supermarket Pingo Doce de Celas and the cafes nearby ISMT.


Access to the Canteens of Coimbra University (SASUC): the students from ISMT can benefit from the social prices at these canteens. Procedures:
  1. Use the app SASUC GO through the link:
  2. Proceed to the creation of an account using for example your ISMT email address: (example:
  3. When creating the account you must select the option “Other Students / Outros estudantes (externo)” when selecting “Type of User /Tip de Utilizador” field.
  4. Payment of the meals is done exclusively through this app, and the charge of the APPmoney should be done through the app or at existing kiosks.
  5. Additional information: contact via phone or email: / (+351) 239855950
There are also, in the area of ISMT, several restaurants and cafes that serve daily meals at reduced prices.
If you want to dine at the ISMT, there is a cafeteria at Rua Augusta nº46 equipped for this purpose.
All IAMT buildings ate equipped also with Snack & Food vending machines.


Coimbra is a student-oriented city, with a set of facilities including study rooms and libraries, where it will certainly be easy to find an ideal place to study. Here are some suggestions:

Carlos Amaral Dias Library (Miguel Torga Higher Institute)
Rua Bernardo Albuquerque, nº 6, 1st floor, 3000-070 Coimbra.
Phone: +351 239 481 059

The library has a documentary fund consisting essentially of bibliography in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English, reaching almost 16.720 monographic copies. It features 30 active series and 76 completed serials.


Coimbra Municipal Library (5minutes from ISMT on foot)

Rua Pedro Monteiro, 3000-329 Coimbra
Phone: +351 239 702 630

General reading room with books organized in free access shelves, classified by the Universal Decimal Classification (CDU) table.

It has 40 seats reserved for face-to-face consultation of periodicals and monographs, with appointment and presentation of a User Card, 24 places of free access, reserved for school study. You can access to documents on deposit upon request.

O CUMN – Manuel da Nóbrega University Center

It’s a university center that has study and work rooms, bar, chapel, library and terrace.

Justiça e Paz

It’s located nearby University of Coimbra and it has study rooms and a bar with a magnificent view over the Mondego River.


Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude)

It has a set of spaces and resources that will facilitate your study.


To arrive in Coimbra

CP – The CP website contains a series of information related to urban, national and international trains: trains, timetables, railways, passenger transport, freight transport.

In Coimbra there are 2 train stations: Coimbra A or Estação Nova, and Coimbra B. The last one is the main station.

Coimbra-B Railway Station Rua Doutor Manuel de Almeida e Sousa, 3020 Coimbra

CP green line: 808 208 208

See the map of CP routes in Portugal here. ‎


National BUS Network (Rede Nacional de Expressos / RNE):

Travel in the country and abroad by bus and buy tickets online on the Rede Nacional de Expressos website.

Rede Nacional de Expressos was created in 1995, with the aim of ensuring public transport of passengers and goods between the main cities and towns from North to South of Portugal. Buses arrive to Coimbra from all over the country.

Beira Litoral Bus Station – Avenida Fernão Magalhães (Terminal)

Phone: 239855270


Transport in Coimbra

Inside the city Coimbra has a good urban transport network, with special discounts for students. This service is provided by the SMTUC.

The Municipal Services of Urban Transport of Coimbra (SMTUC) is a municipal structure dedicated to ensuring the Public Service of Road Passenger Transport in the Municipality of Coimbra.

Consult the website for detailed information on buses heading to Celas and Rua Oliveira Matos, where the ISMT buildings are located.

Green line: 800 203 280 Email:



There are a number of taxi companies in the municipality of Coimbra. For contacts, the best service is the Politaxis – Central Taxi service.

If you are looking for a taxi, visit the website of ANTRAL (National Association of Road Transport in Light Cars) choose the desired municipality and then click on search to access all the required information.