Erasmus +


Through the Erasmus+ Program, every academic year ISMT students have the possibility to study for one or two semesters in a European higher education institution which is our partner and/or to do an internship in a company or other type of organization in Europe. At the same time, we also received dozens of students from partner institutions to study at ISMT.

Likewise, professors and staff also visit ISMT partner institutions or come here for their teaching and/or training mobility. These are experiences that enrich not only the professionals involved, but also the entire academic community of the institutions involved, through the exchange of knowledge, sharing of best practices and pedagogical and curriculum diversification.

On this page, students, professors and employees interested in making mobility through the Erasmus+ Program, both outgoing (from the ISMT to other institutions) and incoming (from other institutions to the ISMT), find a lot of useful and necessary information and documentation for its realization.



Other Informations

European Funding Guide

The European Funding Guide works through an algorithm that displays only the scholarships, funding and awards that really match the individual profile of each student. The 12,000 support programs available cover a wide range of areas for which university students may apply for financial support – from daily expenses, tuition fees and internships at extra costs for semesters abroad, language courses and costs associated with scientific projects..