• Library
    The Library of ISMT offers an online catalog of about 27,000 records of documents.
  • DCA - Department of Communication and Audiovisual
    The Department of Communication and Audiovisual aims to gather in a single structure the media coverage of all events conducted by undergraduate courses and possible events sponsored by external entities that are considered important for the institute, registering the various activities in support of audio, video and text, through the medium online.
  • ESAE - Superior School of Post-Graduated Studies
    Department of ISMT that organizes and supervises all scientific, pedagogical and didactic activities relating to postgraduate studies (Postgraduate and Masters).
  • GAE - Student Support Office
    GAE reveals the concern of the ISMT to its students and is a concrete intervention in education and support services to students.
  • GAPSI - Department of Psychological Support
    Department of Psychological Support is a service evaluation, neuropsychological and psychotherapeutic support to children, youth, adults and seniors.
  • GRI - Office for International Relations
    The ISMT’s Office for International Relations (GRI) promotes personal and academic improvement of students, teachers and staff through international mobility, especially the Erasmus+ Programme
  • LabInfo - Computer Labs
    Department responsible for the management and maintenance of computer labs and all hardware and software for network administration and IT helpdesk for support, distribution lists, and access to the Moodle and platform MSDNAA.
  • LEAV - Laboratory and Audiovisual Studio
    Laboratory and Audiovisual Studio of Miguel Torga Institute of Higher Education. Support for laboratorial classes in the audiovisual area.
  • NJS - João dos Santos Nucleus
    The Nucleus provides consultation to support the psychological, social and relational in children, youth and adults.
  • OIMT - Observatory of the Integration in the Labour Market
    The Observatory of the Integration in the Labour Market aims to support and help the student community of ISMT to overcome the difficulties in the transition from the academic to the labor reality.
  • Virtual Academic Services
    The E-Citizen Scholar Services (E-SCA) is a site to support the student of ISMT.

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