Instructions for using the E-SCA, Requests Online

The E-Citizen Scholar Services (E-SCA) is a site to support the student of ISMT. On this site, students can:

- Consult personal information;
- Consult the Course Units to which students are enrolled and their schedules;
- Consult the results of their final evaluations;
- Consult the situation of treasury;
- Submit requests.

All requests to ISMT are made exclusively through this portal.

Requests Online

Requests are organized into five Service Centers: Board of Directors (CD), Pedagogical Council (PLC), Virtual Academic Services (CV), Treasury (FIN) and Superior School of Post-Graduated Studies (ESAE).

I -The service center of the Pedagogical Council aims to clarify and/or solve a variety of situations from students curriculum, including conditions for access to special evaluations, change of regime, change of optional courses and other cases. The service center has the following forms:
  • 1. CP - Special Conditions - This requirement is designed for students who need to schedule special evaluation dates.
  • 2. CP - Special Season - This requirement allows students to request to be granted access to the special time of evaluation.
  • 3. CP - Regime Change - This requirement allows students to request that they be changed frequency regime.
  • 4. CP -Change Curricular Units Optional - this requirement allows students to request that changes be made in Optional Course Units.
  • 5. CP Statutes: Worker-Student - This requirement is directed to all students who wish to enjoy the status of Worker-Student.
  • 6. CP-Statutes: Associative Officer, Maternity, Other Situations - This requirement is directed to all students who wish to enjoy a special status.
  • 7. CP - Other Situations - this requirement allows students to submit Pedagogical Council situations that do not fit in other types of requests available.

II - The service center of the Virtual Academic Services aims to provide the requested documents online. The service center has the following forms:
  • 1. SV - Request Certificates (including Diplomas)
  • 2. SV - Request for Statements

III - The service center Treasury aims to manage the situations relating to payments of students. To do so students can use the following form:
  • 1. Fin - Request to Treasury / Payments - This requirement offers to expose the Finance Department / Treasury any situation related to the payments of tuition fees.

IV - The service center Directive Board has the form CD - Other Situations where students can expose situations that are not encompassed in applications addressed to the Pedagogical Council or the Treasury.

V - The Service Center ESAE intended to clarify and resolve various situations, which are reflected in the following forms:
  • 1. Statute - this requirement is addressed to all students who wish to enjoy a special status.
  • 2. Request for Documents - this requirement allows students to request certificates, diplomas, statements and other documents related to the 2nd cycle courses.
  • 3. Request Postponement - this requirement allows students to submit requests for the Coordination of ESAE postponing the delivery date of the dissertation.
  • 4. Request for Suspension - This requirement allows students to submit ESAE Coordination of requests for suspension of the dissertation.
  • 5. Revision - This requirement allows students to submit applications for review ESAE proof.
  • 6. Other Situations - This request serves to students expose other situations which are not classifiable in other applications addressed to the Coordinator of ESAE.

How to send a request via E-SCA

  • Step 1
    Entering the profile "Student"within E-SCA (login: student number, keyword: provided at registration) the student will be referred to the area boards. To submit a request, you should follow for the area "Upgrades and Services" by selecting the option with the same name.
  • Step 2
    Once in the "Updates and Service", the student must choose the Service Center that contains the request wanted.
  • Step 3
    After choosing the desired Service Center, appears in the menu a list of available services. The central area of the page displays information about the Service Center. To continue, you must select the desired request.
  • Step 4
    After choosing the request, it will display a form that students must fill out the request to perform the service, as well as a brief description. The student must complete the form and click the "Submit" button.
  • Step 5
    By choosing "Send" is given a code to request and this requirement is registered. To confirm the registration of the application, the student must access the area "orders placed" and the option "View Pending Requests". The request will be in the list of pending requests with the status "Registered".

What are requirements?

There are 3 types of requirements whose services may be associated with a request:
  • Additional Information - The services ask a question to the student who must respond using E-SCA;
  • Delivery of Documents - The services ask the student for documents to be attached to the request of the student. These documents must be lodged at the ISMT.
  • Payment - The services launched a debt for students to pay the requested documents. This requirement will be automatically fulfilled after the payment made by ATM or cash in the ISMT.

All these requirements have a deadline for the student to fulfill them explicitly. Its failure leads to the cancellation of the application.

System Notifications to Students

  • Step 1
    Entering the E-SCA student is referred to the area "Notices." To read the warnings students must choose "View notifications for reading" in the left menu. The page "Read Notices" contains the list of unread notices. The button "Mark all as read" will change the column information "Read" to "Yes" and these notices will no longer appear on this page.
  • Step 2
    In the "orders placed" must select "View Pending Requests" to see the list of unresolved requests. When the order status is in red is an indication that the student will have to act in order to fulfill a requirement inserted for services. To see the details of each application, the student must click "View Detail".
  • Step 3
    If a student considers that is unable to fulfill the requirements the request, should cancel it by clicking the "Delete this request." Otherwise, and if they are associated with the application requirements of the "Additional Information" is given the possibility of the student answer the question directly by E-SCA following the link "Reply".
  • Step 4
    By clicking on the link "Reply" appears on screen a page that allows students to to answer directly to the clarifications made ??????by officials in the context of applications. After the submission of the answer requirement shall be fulfilled.
  • Step 5
    To fulfill a requirement of payment type, the student may make such payment by ATM or reference from the treasury.

Order Inquiry Finalized

Once completed the request, the student should visualize the result via E-SCA.
  • Step 1
    When entering the E-SCA student is referred to the area "Notices." When there are notifications for reading, students should select the "orders placed".
  • Step 2
    To view a request already completed the student should select the "View Orders Finalized" to enter the Order History page. To view the result should shall be select "View Detail".

Support Centre

To further support the student should contact the service via email
Help document (in PDF format)

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