Brief History

The first samples acquired in order to the formation of the Library were registered in 1945. Over the time, the library service has earned the right to their own space, with all the necessary conditions for an even better performance. In 1984 began the process of informatization. Thus, the library of ISMT presents an online catalog directly available to the user, with about 27,000 records document. Also in terms of monitoring of new technologies applied to the area of library, the library offers the latest version of the program PORBASE 5.


The catalog is constituted essentially by references in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French, reaching almost 20,000 monographs, 70 serial publications and 52 serial publications already completed.

Major Thematic Areas

Anthropology, Political Science, Communication, Accounting, Criminology, Law, Education, Economics, Statistics, Management, History, Information Technology, Journalism, Multimedia, Social Policies, Psychology, Psychiatry, Human Resources, Health, Social Work and Sociology.

Available Services

Reading presence, home loans, interlibrary loan, bibliographic research and multicast information.


Library Newsletter (Monthly).


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Rua Bernardo Albuquerque nº 6, 1º
3000-070 Coimbra
Phone: 239 482 302
Fax: 239 488 031

Vasco Alves Sousa Almeida, PhD (

Librarian (Superior Technical of Library and Documentation):
Afonso Madeira (

Librarian (Superior Technical of Library and Documentation):
Ana Cristina Abreu (

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